Everyone deserves bias-free care.
Irth helps make it happen.

Irth is a social change app that collects & shares hospital & physician reviews filtered by identity to help screen for bias.

We're Building a Fair Future In Maternity care . Here's How:

In Healthcare, Who You Are Matters


IRTH ( like Birth, but we dropped the "B" for bias) screens for and ultimately helps address perceptions of bias in the care women receive at the doctor or hospital. Compelling research proves that implicit bias, including your race, class, gender identification, marital status or even sexual orientation can impact the care and treatment you receive.
However, consumers do not have a way to find out if others in their similar racial/ethnic or gender profile had a favorable or unfavorable experience at a hospital or doctor.
Irth changes that. Think of it as a identity-based Yelp for doctors and hospitals, with a mission to equalize the experience of giving birth for all.

We Collect Intersectional Experiences

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The app will allow you to enter a few personal details about yourself and then look for a hospital or doctor review from somebody similar to you.  You are empowered with the knowledge of how someone with your racial identity, gender, religion or income level was treated by that doctor or hospital. 

Reading the hospital review of a middle-class white woman does not necessarily help a low-income black woman, a transgender person, or a same-sex couple understand what their experience might be like.

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Irth recognizes that health care providers, systems and policies do not care of all groups equally. Bias in medical care has been linked to the country’s high black infant mortality and black maternal mortality rates. As we collect the intersectional experiences of birth at U.S. hospitals, we will use this information to push for social change, greater accountability among hospital and physician practices and ultimately save lives. 

It’s the experiential sharing platform to catalyze the health equity movement. 

But we need you to SHARE YOUR STORY to make it happen! 

Who We Are

"Everyone deserves an empowered birth experience where they are honored and respected for who they are, not treated differently or inadequately because of who they are."

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Irth Wins Big at MIT Hackathon!

The Irth app concept won the "Media For Change" Award at the recent "Make The Breast Pump Not Suck" Hackathon.

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Tara Health Foundation has awarded the Irth app a $200,000 grant to begin community-led review collection campaigns in several cities as well as development of the digital platform.


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